The Production Process of Customized Personalized Jewellery Packaging Paper Box Factory
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The Production Process of Customized Personalized Jewellery Packaging Paper Box Factory


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The Production Process of Customized Personalized Jewellery Packaging Paper Box Factory

Customized personalized jewellery packaging paper box factory, related post production process flow:

(1) Surface treatment homework content

1、 Start order, production schedule:

One-stop Customized Personalized Jewellery Packaging Paper Box Factory. We Providing low-priced, high-quality customized personalized jewellery packaging. After receiving the production construction order from the quality inspection department, arrange corresponding production according to the production schedule. Arrange production machines according to the processing content of the construction order.

1. Determine the processing content:

(1) Over glue: matte glue, light glue, laser, medium laser;

(2) Overoil: matte oil, vacuum oil;

(3) UV: Outsourcing operations;

(4) Polishing: Grinding and absorbing;

personalized jewellery packaging

2. Collect materials according to the quantity of personalized jewellery packaging boxes shown on the work order.

3. Prenatal quality operation promotion and explanation of production precautions.


2、 Construction order, quality inspection standards, first article inspection report, product standard card:

After receiving the production work order, the captain determines the processing materials. For example: water-based oil Matte oil. Vacuum molding.

2. Adjust the oil to the normal number of seconds: (No. 4 cup) 16-18 seconds, and the temperature should be controlled between 50C-80C.

3. First, put 3-5 pieces of colored paper on the machine for production and inspection.

(1) Check if the oil is completely dry;

(2) Rub the surface with white paper to see if it has faded;

(3) Fold the colored paper in half to see if it explodes;

(4) Check for dirt spots on the surface. Black;

(5) Special attention; Is there any discoloration in the spot color.

4. After passing the inspection and being confirmed by quality control, mass production can proceed.


When producing and igniting the polishing machine, it is necessary to check whether there is any gas leakage, which should be operated by the captain to prevent safety accidents.

2. It is required that the machine temperature must reach between 80 ℃ and 90 ℃ before production can begin.

3. The paper receiver should pay attention to the position of the steel strip. If moving, the machine should be stopped immediately and the pressure should be reduced to adjust the steel strip to the correct position.

4. First, press 3-5 pieces of the product for first piece inspection and confirmation. Inspection content: wrinkled paper and deformation Elongation, shortened brightness, wear resistance, color explosion, and edge loss. Fading. (Pay special attention to whether the gold and spot colors have changed color). After confirming compliance, transfer to quality inspection for confirmation before mass production can begin

(Adhesive production)

1. After receiving the production work order, the captain checks the semi-finished products again, which is the same as checking the samples of customized personalized jewellery packaging boxes with the work order. Every detail must be carefully checked. If there are any uncertainties or suspicious issues, they must be immediately reported for confirmation, and production should be arranged according to the processing content of the work order (photoresist, matte film, medium laser, etc.)

2. The captain inspects the production of 3-5 first pieces, and the inspection item is: return to white. Dirty spots. Glue pattern, film release, foaming, wrinkled paper. After the wrinkled film and viscosity are confirmed by the supervisor to be qualified, the first sample is transferred for quality inspection and confirmed to be qualified before mass production.

3. Special attention: Gold and silver cardboard. Products that are pressed or embossed must use the specified adhesive, and the film should be relaxed as much as possible during production

personalized jewellery packaging

4. Collect every 100 sheets of paper in a grid, and use an automatic machine to collect 200 sheets in a grid, and fill out a label card

5. If any bent products are found, they must be placed in reverse to facilitate the next production process

6. The selection of products should be marked with large lines, and the stacking height should not exceed 1. 5 meters, pull to the finished product area and bet that the stacking cannot exceed the yellow line or be stacked under pressure.

1. Same color. Same specifications. Products with different contents must undergo final cleaning. After cleaning the site, seal it with cling film to avoid mixing. (Pay special attention to the color box of the medicine)

2. The quantity must be accurate, with one grid for every 100 sheets, and isolation labels filled out on the identification card.

3. When selecting products, make sure to mark them with a large pen and place them neatly in the finished product area

4. The height of paper stacking should not exceed 1.2 meters and should not exceed the area line

5. Prioritize sending urgent items to the next process.

6. Each version of the product is safely delivered to the next process, neatly arranged, and handed over and signed for on site

7. If the order quantity is large or the production cycle is long, the production department must complete the customized personalized jewellery paper packaging box order within the delivery time specified by the customer.

personalized jewellery packaging

(2) Job content of beer pressing department

1. The pit box is handed over to the beer pressing workshop by the laminating department of the previous process. After signing for it, the beer board administrator will find the beer boards for each work order and place them in the waiting area.

2. After the process or quality inspection department sends the sample for acceptance, the beer board administrator will find the beer boards for each work order, including the gram paper and self-adhesive. Placed in the waiting area. (Note: The pit box work order is placed in the pit box waiting area, while the paper and adhesive work orders are placed in the paper waiting area.)

3. Each beer board is numbered and placed by the beer board administrator in the beer board storage area. It is sorted and stored according to the customer's unit. Die cutting determines whether the customized jewellery box packaging can be produced smoothly. Therefore, it is necessary to try it out during die cutting. Take the newly cut material to the sample master, shape the personalized jewellery box packaging, and give it to the corresponding engineering team for sample confirmation. Only in this way can we ensure that every customized personalized jewellery packaging box will not have any problems.

4. If the beer board needs to be replaced with a new knife, it is mandatory to change the knife, and the pressure line depends on its wear and tear:

(1) The beer board has been replaced three times and must be scrapped. A new beer board must be made.

(2) The use of beer boards has reached 80000 to 100000 times (pit boxes), and the beer board administrator considers their beer boards Change the cutting line, wear level, or scrap the entire board to avoid affecting product quality

(3) The beer board administrator must be clear about the valid data of each beer board's use (quantity per use), and regularly check the knife of the beer board. Can the wire continue to be used to ensure that the beer board is intact and can be used effectively, avoiding the situation of dismantling and changing the knife after the beer worker has installed it

personalized jewellery packaging

1、 Preparation work before homework, as a professional custom personalized jewellery packaging factory. Preparation before homework is essential.

1. Check if the boundary machine is functioning properly and keep daily maintenance records.

2. Clean and maintain the production mold.

3. The supervisor selects a work order for production based on the production schedule, checks the delivery date and material availability of the work order.

II. Homework process

1. Carefully read the work order materials, carefully observe the sample drawings, conduct in-depth analysis and research on the shape, structure, function, etc. of the product, in order to arrange the machine reasonably.

2. The material of the beer board, the size of the splint opening, and the steel wire should be selected according to the thickness of the paper and appropriate specifications.

3. When drawing, it is necessary to determine whether the beer is produced on the front or back according to the customer's requirements.

4. Ensure the accuracy of the parallel angle between the steel knife line and the indentation line of the folding cardboard box.

5. According to the pattern of paper stretching and shrinking, choose relatively stable paper for drawing.

6. When sawing, the saw blade should be straight at all points. When dropping the blade, pay attention to whether the blade is balanced and in place, and add a paper tearing blade

7. Check if the completed beer board meets the requirements of the construction order and is consistent with the correct sample. If any discrepancies are found, they should be corrected immediately and completed on the same day

8. Complete the handover procedures and clean the work position.

personalized jewellery packaging

III. Notes on Paper Beer Board

Beer hang tags, pit boxes, greeting cards, medicine boxes, light boxes, and other pit paper box products must have cutting edges added between products to facilitate binding and waste disposal, thereby reducing costs and improving efficiency, except for special requirements.

(1) Preparation before work

1. Carefully review the work order requirements and confirm the specifications, name, and quantity of the customized personalized jewellery paper packaging box.

2. Carefully review product labeling and inspection reports, verify needle position and bite.

3. Power supply, air pump switch, refueling Clean the machine body, wipe the electric eyes, and check if the machine buttons are sensitive to ensure safe production.

4. Collect the beer board and check if the size is correct by comparing it with the construction sheet and stamp.

(2) Homework process

1. Install the beer board in the forward centered position, fix it with screws, lock the board frame, and place a piece of pressure paper on the opposite side.

2. Remove debris from the board.

3. The pressure should be gradually adjusted from small to large, and the pressure should not exceed 25T each time. Stop pressurizing until the main blade position is penetrated, and test 1-3 pieces of beer. Check whether the blade line position of the beer board is correct according to the customer's sample. If it is not qualified, immediately report to the on duty supervisor for handling

4. Choose the appropriate crease line according to the thickness of the paper.

5. According to the position of the first blade, press 1-3 pieces of beer to correct the beer position.

6. Fine pressure adjustment, paper filling, and threading should be carried out to ensure even pressure on the cutting edge, complete cutting angles, and full indentation lines without bursting paper or lines.

personalized jewellery packaging

7. Three to five pieces of beer will be produced. The captain will verify the accuracy of the work order and attached samples, and submit them to the on duty supervisor for review of the first sample. Only after confirmation by quality control can large-scale production be carried out.

8. During the production process, the beer pressing speed is controlled at 4500 sheets per hour, and self inspection is conducted every 300 sheets.

9. During the production process, it is necessary to ensure that the pressure is uniform and there are no phenomena such as beer not piercing, burst lines, color deviation, disconnection, and color alignment.

10. Safe shutdown, first reduce the speed before stopping, turn off the air pump and power supply, and do a good job of cleaning and hygiene.

1、 Collect work orders and attach samples to the designated machine, and prepare for the operation.

1. Carefully check the content of the work order and ensure that the attached specification samples are complete.

2. Perform maintenance according to the machine maintenance instructions and keep records

3. Check if the machine is functioning properly and if the insurance system is functioning properly.

4. Carefully review the product process requirements and inspection standards to ensure they are consistent with the customized personalized jewellery packaging box sample. Pay attention to every detail and stop immediately to confirm if there are any differences from the personalized jewelry packaging box

2、 Homework process:

(3) Handmade Beer Operation Process

1. Go to the place where the beer board is placed and pick it up. Check the sample and beer board number.

2. The beer board should be installed in the center position of the machine, and the upper and lower parts should be securely locked to prevent the beer board from crossing the board and causing accidents

personalized jewellery packaging

3. Adjusting the pressure should be gradually increased from a light start to a reasonable pressure. Excessive pressure can cause the beer blade to bend, deform, and the product to burst, resulting in quality accidents.

4. Thread making should be measured based on the thickness of the paper, the size of the paper position, and the alignment of the pit paper with the main line. Two layers of paper thread should be made, and the product produced must be easy to fold

5. Adjust the needle position, draft a finished product, check the sample size requirements by yourself, confirm that there are no errors, and then submit it to the supervisor on duty to sign the first sample, and send it to quality inspection for confirmation before mass production

6. During the production process, it is necessary to self check every 200 sheets to see if there are any issues such as wire breakage, beer not wearing, beer exceeding the color level, and inaccurate paper dropping. If any problems are encountered, corrective measures should be taken in a timely manner.

7. To prepare each board, a semi-finished product identification card must be filled out. When preparing the beer pit personalized jewellery paper packaging box, it should be separated by the number of labels on the mounting paper section. If there are hanging labels on the paper, 200 pieces must be separated by labels. The height of the pit paper should not exceed 1.7m and the quantity should be ensured.

8. The cutting edge cannot be too large, and the weight of the paper is 0. Within 5 millimeters and above 5 centimeters, there cannot be two cutting edges.

personalized jewellery packaging

(4) Loose paper tearing process

1. The paper loosening operator received instructions from the captain to pull the printing paper to the side of the machine according to the work order number.

2. The shredder pulls the pre brewed semi-finished products to the waste disposal area for disposal. The shredder is required to see how many products are on the work order, arrange them according to product classification, wrap them with cling film after tearing, and place them in the semi-finished product area of the binding workshop. Handover management records should be kept.

3. When the loose paper arrives at the paper mounting department to pull the paper, it is necessary to randomly check whether the quantity is accurate. If the quantity is inaccurate or not stacked as required, it can be refused to be signed for until the paper mounting department improves.

4. When the beer machine produces semi-finished products, the paper loosening operator should stack the cardboard according to the size of the paper to avoid collision or crushing.

5. When disposing of waste, it is necessary to clean it thoroughly. When there are many styles, the cardboard should be carefully opened to avoid mixing. Wrap it with cling film and the height should not exceed 1.7m. Place it in the semi-finished product area and hand over the quantity to the binding workshop for signing

(5) Notes:

Collect production work orders from the production department on time every day and arrange production tasks according to the PMC production plan. If the order quantity is large or the production cycle is long, the production department must complete the order within the delivery time allowed by the customer's regulations. As a professional personalized jewellery packaging box factory, our orders need to be arranged in advance. We need to schedule production based on the actual production situation of the factory and the order situation of personalized jewellery paper packaging for clothing customization. To avoid conflicts or overdue situations in the customized personalized jewellery paper packaging.

1. The product flows into the binding workshop

1. The finished product board of the beer pressing section should have an identification card, which includes the engineering order number, product quantity, and beer worker number

personalized jewellery packaging

1. 2. The areas that require attention from the binding department should be clearly marked.

1. The quantity needs to be accurate, with 100 pieces separated from pit B and 150 pieces separated from pit E. 200 pieces are separated for single pit B, and 300 pieces are separated for E pit. Ke paper needs to be separated by 300 sheets. Separated by 300 sheets of framing.

1.4 Each board of products should be placed neatly. The product should not exceed the pallet by 10cm.

1.5 Each board of product cannot exceed 1. 7 meters. The weight of the paper should not exceed 1.2 meters

1. 6 pairs of slippery products need to be covered with film. If not done as required, the beer machine department will be fully responsible for the damaged products that fall down.

The large cutting edge of the 1.7g paper color box card hanging tag should not exceed 0.5mm, and there should be no more than two cutting edges within 5cm.

1. Each large piece of paper should have a cutting edge at the diagonal.

1. 9. A cutting edge needs to be made between the unnecessary parts of the product to reduce the difficulty of waste disposal and increase production.

1. 10. Each product must be worn with beer and cannot be worn out.

1.11 Each product should be aligned, and the colored ones should be aligned.

1. 12 pieces of beer should be sorted and neatly arranged for binding.

personalized jewellery packaging

2. Waste disposal process for paper, color cards, and hang tags

2.1 After receiving the work order, the production personnel should check that the product matches the work order.

2. You need to see clearly how many products are on a large piece of paper

2.3 It is necessary to verify the quality of the products prepared by the beer machine, whether the quantity is consistent with the label card, whether they are separated by paper as required, and whether the products are neatly arranged

2.4 Start the homework after confirming its accuracy

When tearing paper, it should be pulled upwards along the edge of the knife.

2.6 If there are multiple products on a large piece of paper, they should be torn apart and classified for placement. It is not allowed to put different products together.

2. When discharging 7 wastes, it is necessary to clean them thoroughly.

2.8 Products that need to be perforated must be placed neatly and then threaded from top to bottom. The front of the product should not be worn upside down.

3. Precautions

3. The products that need to be put on the machine should be neatly placed on the board and wrapped with stretch film.

3.2 Each board shall not exceed 1. 7 meters. The weight of paper should not exceed 1. 2 meters.

3.3 Hang identification cards, which should indicate the product name, quantity, production job number, engineering order number, and quantity accurately

3. 4. Products that do not require machine operation should be packaged according to customer packaging requirements.

3.5 During the waste disposal process, products that have not been worn should not be forcibly disposed of or perforated. This will involve issues with the later process of the customized personalized jewelry packaging paper box. It is necessary to promptly report to the quality inspection and shift supervisor to avoid greater losses.

personalized jewellery packaging

4. Customized personalized jewellery packaging box on machine product production process

4.1 When assigning tasks, the shift supervisor should explain the production process, product structure, quality precautions, etc. of the personalized jewellery box packaging to avoid any abnormalities on the line

4. When adjusting the machine, the machine should run slowly, check if all parts are normal, and then adjust the machine according to the specifications of personalized jewelry paper packaging

4. All personnel of the three machines can know the production information of customized personalized jewellery packaging boxes to avoid mixed batch production.

4. The captain should use glue according to the requirements of the personalized jewellery packaging paper box work order.

4.5 The captain should be clear about the order quantity of each product and promptly report any shortfall to the supervisor on duty.

During polishing, a layer of oil is removed, and attention should be paid to whether the laser scanned area is the same as the glue level.

4. When using the 7, the person who puts the box must go through it all to see if there are any other personalized jewellery paper packaging boxes mixed inside.

4. When encountering new customized personalized jewellery packaging box varieties, first make some products, press them with waste paper blocks for 1-2 hours, and then check if the glue is sticky

4. The viscosity of adhesive is generally based on the paper that is stuck to the mouth position.

4. After the quality is confirmed to be qualified by the head supervisor and quality control, mass production is carried out.

4. Captain 11 should pay attention to whether there is too much or too little glue, which may cause the glue to not be in place, the mouth to open, or the flowers to stick

4.12 The captain should stir the glue once every 2 hours to prevent the glue from settling and affecting its viscosity.

4.13 The captain and machine personnel should regularly check whether the product has any scratches, scratches, indentations, misalignment, over line, offline, on/off line, or glue opening. If any of the above phenomena are found, the captain should immediately stop the machine, check the cause, and solve it before continuing production.

1.14 For products that are prone to scratches, such as those with black, red, blue surfaces, etc., special attention should be paid to the occurrence of scratches and scratches. Special products should be operated with gloves.

personalized jewellery packaging

5. As a professional export personalized jewellery packaging factory, we have special precautions during packaging operations

5.1 General products are tied at 50 waist, special products are tied according to requirements.

5. The waist band should not be too loose to prevent the product from scattering, and the number of waist bands should be sufficient.

5.3 The products to be boxed are 50 front and back, packed according to the requirements, and the quantity must be accurate.

The products placed in 5.4 are 50 front and back, and the cardboard should be padded with clean waste paper, neatly arranged, wrapped with stretch film, and then pressed with waste paper blocks at the adhesive position.

5.5 Each board shall not exceed 1. 7 meters, write on the identification card, which indicates the product name, work order number, quantity, and production number.

6. Manual box pasting process

When arranging tasks, the supervisor should have an understanding of the customized personalized jewellery packaging box production process, product structure, quality precautions, etc.

6.2 It is necessary to see clearly whether the product is single-sided or A/B/sided. It should be clear whether there are similar products being produced simultaneously, and the A/B sides should not be confused during production

6.3 Production employees must use glue according to the requirements of the work order

6.4 pairs of polished, polished oil, and water-based oil products generally use polished adhesive (3705); Products that pass through matte glue and gloss glue generally use base glue (719 glue); Products that have undergone UV oil generally use UV glue (663); Generally, plastic (302 or 3099) is used to apply PVC grinding discs to kraft paper or pit paper.

6.5 Products that require color levels should be aligned with the color levels, but the upper and lower lines should not exceed plus or minus 2 millimeters. If the color levels can be aligned, but the difference between the upper and lower lines is too far, or if the color alignment between the upper and lower lines exceeds plus or minus 2 millimeters, it should be reported to the supervisor in charge for handling.

6.6 When pasting boxes, the paper should be evenly opened, with a width of no more than 1.5 centimeters and no less than one centimeter. The glue should be evenly spread and not too much or too little Too much glue can easily cause misalignment, and even when offline, it is easy to release glue, causing the product to become stuck. Too little glue can easily cause the glue to peel.

personalized jewellery packaging

6.7 It is best to sweep the glue for 3-5 minutes before doing it, but it should not be too dry.

6.8 For products with colored edges, special attention should be paid to whether the edges are firmly attached.

6.10 During the production process, a self inspection should be conducted once for a quantity of 200. There should be no phenomena such as exceeding the line, going offline, going up and down the line, sticking, opening glue, dragging flowers, etc. If there are products with glue, they should be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

6.11 For products that are prone to smudging, such as black, red, and blue, it is important to handle them with care. Lay a softer piece of paper on the countertop and do not mop it randomly. If the nails are too long, they should be cut off. For special products, gloves should be worn when working.

6.12 Finished products should not be stacked too much to avoid paper wrinkles.

6.13 The glue on the bottom of the color box should not be too much to avoid sticking flowers.

6.14 Pay attention and regularly check whether the bottom of the box can be opened.

6. Be careful not to apply the wrong glue to the ears at the bottom of the box or produce defective products.

7. PVC grinding disc pasting operation

7.1 The size of the adhesive for PVC film products should be controlled and the adhesive should be uniform.

7.2 When applying glue, try to be as close as possible to the edge of the "U" or "O" shaped notch

7.3 The size of the adhesive ring should not exceed that of the PVC film.

7.4 When pasting PVC film, it should be centered and no glue should be applied. The PVC film should not be skewed or pressed.

If you find scratches on the PVC film, do not stick it on. If there is dust, wipe it clean before sticking it on.

7.6 It is necessary to check the changes while pasting, and the numbered tickets should be neatly arranged and sealed with a pull film.

7.7 Each board shall not exceed 1.7 meters and the weight of paper shall not exceed 1. 2 meters, write the identification card with the engineering order number, product name, quantity, and producer's work number written on it.

8. Handheld bag production process

8.1 After receiving the production task, it is necessary to be clear about the production process and product structure of the ticket.

8.2 Familiarize oneself with the correct selection of adhesive for surface treatment of products.

8. During operation, fold the line and stick the semi-finished product well. The glue should be evenly applied and not too much or too little.

8.4 Self check every 200 units produced to see if there are any exceeding the line, offline, glue opening or sticking.

8.5 When pasting the bottom, attention should be paid to not folding or wrinkling the lines, and not pasting the bottom incorrectly

8.6 The text cannot be pasted off, and the border card must be firmly glued and cannot be dropped.

8.7 When punching holes, it is important to ensure that the holes on both sides are equal, and the size of the holes is determined by the size of the rope.

8.8 When punching holes, the products should be arranged neatly and pressed tightly before drilling to avoid displacement.

8.9 Thread the rope according to the pattern, do not thread the rope wrong, and tie the knot firmly

8.10 Pack according to the packaging production process.

personalized jewellery packaging

9. Packaging and warehousing process

9.1 After receiving the task, the packaging worker should be clear about whether there are similar products to avoid confusion.

9.2 Clearly read the packaging requirements on the work order and ensure that the quantity of each package is consistent.

9.3 The product should be inspected before packaging.

9.4 Do not loosen the rope too much if it needs to be tied by hand or machine

9.5 Products that require full delivery on the work order should be packaged according to the actual production quantity of the product. Products that do not require full delivery should be packaged according to the order quantity on the work order. Products with tails should be packaged and marked as tails on the packaging paper and label. The remaining products should be packaged and stored in the warehouse, indicating that they are stored in the warehouse

9.6 The label should be filled out correctly, clearly, and neatly in font. After writing, it should be checked again to see if there are any errors. When pasting, it should also be checked with the product and not pasted incorrectly.

9.7 When pasting labels, they should be firmly attached, and too much glue should not be applied to affect the appearance. When pasting labels, attention should be paid to the four sides and corners, and they should be firmly attached

9.8 Each layer of the packaged product should be separated by a piece of paper to prevent the product from slipping.

9.9 The finished product in 9 packages cannot exceed 10 centimeters of the pallet.

9.10 pairs of products that are prone to tipping should be coated with film.

9.11 The height of each customized personalized jewellery packaging box should not exceed 1.7 meters, and a warehouse receipt should be affixed. The warehouse receipt should not be altered and should clearly state the product name, quantity, work order number, and production work number.

9.12 The warehouse keeper first checks whether each board of the packaged personalized jewellery packaging box has a warehouse receipt, whether there are labels, whether the quantity matches the warehouse receipt, and whether the labels have a quality inspection stamp

9.13 After ensuring accuracy, pull it to the handover point of the finished product warehouse

Finished products pulled over on September 14th should be neatly arranged

Products completed on the same day of September 15th must be stored on the same day.

9.16 The warehouse keeper is responsible for handing over to the finished product warehouse. During the handover, they check whether the labels are correct and whether the quantity matches the quantity on the warehouse receipt. After confirming that there are no errors, the finished product warehouse will proceed with the handover.

After both parties have signed, the warehouse keeper will retrieve the receipt of the warehouse receipt for future reference

9.17 Products with completed work orders must be registered on the binding production daily report every day

9.19 For products that are in short supply, the quantity of the products in short supply should be indicated on the work order, short supply book, and daily report. On the same day, notify the production department's outstanding tracking personnel.

9.20 pairs of unfinished products that have been stored in the warehouse should indicate the completed quantity on the production work order.

personalized jewellery packaging

10. Requirements for production inspection operations

10.1 Inspection should be carried out in accordance with the requirements of workshop shipment.

10.2 It is not allowed for products that are urgently shipped to be inspected, and products that are not urgently shipped to be inspected first.

10.3 The inspection of products on the machine should be based on the production situation of the machine

10.4 When using the product on the machine, it is necessary to check whether the glue (manual box pasting is the same) has been used incorrectly.

10.5 Five machines require a 10 minute inspection, while manual box pasting requires a 30 minute inspection

10.6 Color card hanging tags should be inspected regularly, and customized personalized jewellery box packaging that is easy to mix must be inspected frequently to prevent product mixing.

10.7 Finished products should be inspected and packaged in a timely manner.

10.8 The packaged products should be labeled for verification, stamping, and storage. Do not wait until after work to verify the labels.

10.9 Every day, all defective personalized jewellery packaging boxes in the workshop must be collected within 15 minutes before the end of work

10.10 Products should not be placed randomly, and the production site should be organized to maintain cleanliness and tidiness.


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