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  • Q What jewelry box structure do you want?

    A The types of jewelry boxes we commonly use include drawer boxes, heaven and earth boxes, and book boxes.
  • Q What is the minimum order quantity for custom jewelry boxes?

    Because it is a custom-made jewelry box, we can accept orders of any quantity, but different quantities will affect the cost of packaging a single jewelry box. The more quantity, the lower the unit price.
  • Q Where is your packaging production factory?

    A We are a Chinese packaging manufacturer with a long-term customer base in Europe, America, and East Asia. Our quality and service are top-notch.
  • Q How long is your production time?

    A Based on the type of packaging box and the size of the order, our current production time is estimated to be 7-25 days. We will inform you of the specific production time at the same time as the quotation.
  • Q How long does transportation take?

    A According to the choice of different logistics forms, international express delivery, air freight, and sea freight may vary greatly. Please inform us of the destination and logistics form, and we will inform you of the actual required transportation time when quoting.
  • Q How to start customizing jewelry box packaging samples?

    A After obtaining the required pearl box documents from your company, our engineering team will complete the production documents on the same day and provide them to your company for confirmation. Afterwards, we will produce samples within 1-2 days. And take photos to confirm with your company or send them to your company by express delivery.


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