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OEM Tiffany Jewelry Packaging Box Ring Factory


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OEM Tiffany Jewelry Packaging Box Ring Factory

The Tiffany Blue Paper Jewelry Box is a classic packaging box that has become one of the symbols of Tiffany jewelry. Whether it's rings, earrings, necklaces, diamonds, or accessories, they are all beautifully packaged in this elegant white ribbon box.

This Tiffany blue paper jewelry box has a simple and elegant design, known for its unique blue and white ribbons. The appearance of this Tiffany packaging box gives a sense of nobility and elegance, perfectly matching the brand image of Tiffany Jewelry.

As an Custom Tiffany jewelry packaging box factory, we are committed to producing high-quality Tiffany jewelry packaging boxes to meet the needs of our customers. We are well aware of the importance of Tiffany blue paper jewelry packaging boxes, so we use high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure that each Tiffany packaging box meets Tiffany's standards.

Our factory has advanced production equipment and experienced workers, and can undertake EOM Tiffany jewelry packaging boxes of various specifications and styles. We can customize design according to customer requirements to meet the Tiffany packaging needs of different products. We can adjust and customize according to customer requirements in terms of shape, size, and color.

We maintain a good cooperative relationship with Tiffany Jewelry and strictly adhere to its brand image and quality requirements. Our factory has a stable supply chain and competitive price advantage, which can ensure production continuity and reduce production costs.

By collaborating with us, you can obtain high-quality Tiffany blue paper jewelry boxes, making your jewelry products more competitive and attractive. We will wholeheartedly provide you with the highest quality service, meet your needs, and ensure that your products stand out in the market.

As an OEM custom Tiffany jewelry packaging factory, we will continue to strive to provide high-quality products and services, and work together with you to build a successful partnership. Whether you need custom Tiffany Blue paper jewelry boxes or other types of Tiffany packaging boxes, we will be dedicated to serving you. Please contact us and let us work together to create a beautiful and successful future.

Tiffany has also registered trademarks specifically for "Tiffany Blue Box" and "Tiffany Blue Gift Box".

custom jewelry gift box

Back then, Mr. Charles Tiffany, the founder of Tiffany, set a rule that no matter how much money customers were willing to pay, the small blue box would never be sold and would only come with the product. The New York Sun in 1906 also mentioned this matter in its report.

However, the less they sell, the more people want them. Although Tiffany prohibits private trading of blue boxes, there are still many people selling them online for over $200.

Tiffany Blue is considered one of the most expensive blue colors in the world, not only because Tiffany sells jewelry, but also because of Tiffany's huge annual sales. Tiffany Blue is a fresh and unique color that gives Tiffany a unique brand connotation and value, becoming a huge and inexhaustible intangible asset.

Tiffany Blue is a bright and full blue color that gives people a sense of nobility and elegance. This color has been fully showcased in Tiffany's jewelry products and has become one of the brand's symbols. Whether it's diamonds, pearls, or colored gemstones, they can all showcase their unique charm and value against a Tiffany blue background.

The uniqueness of Tiffany Blue lies in its color saturation and brightness, giving people a fresh and pure feeling. This color is not only a visual enjoyment, but also a symbol of elegance and quality. The use of Tiffany Blue makes Tiffany's products uniquely competitive in the market, attracting the attention and love of many consumers.

As an custom Tiffany jewelry packaging factory, we are well aware of the importance of Tiffany Blue for the brand. We are committed to producing high-quality Tiffany jewelry packaging boxes,

Many famous brands have their own unique logo colors, such as Coca Cola Red and Nivea Blue, which have surpassed Tiffany in sales. However, few people would say with envy that these colors are the most expensive in the world.


There are so many jewelry brands in the world, but when it comes to Tiffany, you still feel that it is different because in everyone's eyes, Tiffany is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of romance and a token of love.

Only Tiffany Blue has the magic to make women's pupils dilate and their heart rate accelerate upon seeing it.

And our latest printing equipment can print this blue color 99.99%, which is also our biggest advantage in producing OME custom Tiffany jewelry packaging boxes.


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