High Quality Custom Paper Box Packaging Factory for Bundle Braiding Hair
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High Quality Custom Paper Box Packaging Factory for Bundle Braiding Hair


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High Quality Custom Paper Box Packaging Factory for Bundle Braiding Hair

Custom Hair Paper Box Packaging Factory:

I have one thing to confess: I'm wearing a wig.Now, it's not particularly shocking to say you wear a wig in 2018: after all, many celebrities, including Kelly Jenna (Kylie Jenner), Blake China (Blac Chyna) and Nikimina (Nicki Minaj), often wear wigs. But for me, it's a big deal because I've always had low demands on wigs.Maybe it's the trauma function of the family as a child, seeing aunts with cheap synthetic parts that look like they're away from fire in seconds, or ugly wigs that are a lot of jokes on the buttocks in the black community. But it's always a bit annoying to think of wearing one, if it's not a threat. 
423A6188Don't get me wrong, I've always liked to experiment with my hair. When I was growing up, I changed my hair so often that my friends called me a chameleon. "Corn braids, twisting, knitting, long, short, curly, straight-you can say a style, I'm 99% sure I've tried. When I was in primary school, I was braided. When I was in junior high school, I had a relaxer. When I was in high school, I wore a loudspeaker because I felt like a missing member of the son of Destiny. Once I was in college, I had a cutting avant-garde that would be similar to Rihanna from her "good girl to bad" day, and I even tried the golden and red highlights, but the worst thing was when I dyed red. It comes from a rusty orange hue (don't ask, because those photos never see the sun). 

After graduating from college, I pulled an Indian Ali, cut it off, and became very natural.However, due to the repeated breakage of high-tension hairstyles, coupled with the notorious pressure of graduate school, my hair has had enough-it basically says, "I'm sorry, sister, you've tried." In order to get my hair back and rest the stress area, I decided to wear a protective hairstyle and get it back on track.Entry: my mythological unit from XOXO virgin hair. 

In 2014, Stephanie Nolan (Stephanie Nolan) founded XOXO Virgin Hair, a company known for its cheap, high-quality hair and a growing list of star clients. These include Michaela Cole (Michaela Coel) and Jordan Woods (Jordyn Woods). Nolan was a business model and later became an entrepreneur. She found that there were no high-quality hair products on the set, so she built her own brand. 

Packaging Boxes For Hair Extensions

box packaging for hair Factory

"in an experience filming for Adidas, I found it difficult for stylists to curl their hair up like other models because they couldn't curl it up," Nolan explained. " "I summed up the main points from that experience and got advice from other hairstylists and clients who expressed concern about what kind of delivery they wanted. So I thought, let me launch an easy-to-use, high-quality product so that people don't spend too much money to maintain it, and they don't throw their hair away because it doesn't work as it should. " 

The collections offered by XOXO Virgin Hair, including Vietnamese, Xiumei (Chinese) and the latest Shade series, are made from real, ethical hair. It is also 100% pure, which means it does not contain chemical or synthetic fillers that mimic natural hair. "I believe in honest marketing of my products. I'm trying to change people's perception of hair reception by being transparent about what I sell. When people see curly hair, they think it's natural, but it's impossible because Asians don't have tightly curled hair. "the only way to make it is to make a very hot and humid set through the steam process," Nolan explained. " 

Starting at $75 a pack, there are a variety of textures and lengths to choose from, and you don't have to spend a lot of money to look like you're flying. "it's an investment, but in the long run, it's cheaper to buy high-quality hair.Women spend thousands of dollars a year on hair in places like Ali Express, but over time, hair may end up in a mess. " Nolan added. 

Weave Virgin Bundle Hair Extension Packaging

High quality bundle hair box

It is important to note that, XOXO Virgin Hair usually does not sell wigs. The site offers bundling, which means that hair is on a weft, in addition to lace closing and front, can be used to sew into knitting or wigs. For my advice, I told Nolan that I wanted a hairstyle similar to Solange Knowles (Solange Knowles), like sitting at a table and providing the size of my head, and she kindly customized a wig for me. When I got the email, I saw a light pink box with the words "ready to kill" (talking about incredible packaging). I won't lie to you. When I first saw that wig, I fell in love with it-it cut off almost all my edges and corners.Needless to say, all my preconceptions about wigs have disappeared. 

I received Vietnamese curly hair, a gorgeous loose curly hair, feel very luxurious, almost feel too beautiful to wear. As far as the actual device itself is concerned, the wig is fixed by the front two clips and the back three clips and is very easy to wear. Because I'm new to the lace front.

Bundles Extension Hair Packaging


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